Cornerstone UMC 

I cannot imagine who we are apart from God’s grace. It is grace that compels us to ask questions about ourselves, the world we live in (our cross-connectedness and deep roots) and the world beyond. God’s grace is subtle like a familiar but identifiable scent after the rain. And sometimes God’s grace is loud and unavoidable like an ambulance with blaring sirens and honking horns.

My guess is you have experienced God’s grace whether you call it grace or not. Grace is embedded in those moments when you have wondered about how you made it through those difficulties or how it is you have a gift for something that other people don’t seem to have! You can sing, or write, or play like nobody’s business!

 There is a particular kind of grace you can experience only in Christian community. And Cornerstone United Methodist Church is one such place. What do I mean? Well, it’s not something I’ll try to explain. You’ll have to see for yourself. And hopefully, you’ll be glad you did. Come visit us sometime. We are a group of folks being saved and transformed by God’s grace. Check us out! And stop ignoring that gnawing in your belly to connect with a local church, because that too is God’s grace.

 In the meantime, we are praying for you and our world: hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hatred, bigotry, violence, famine, and war (and more). We pray that humanity remembers the hand of God and that communion with God begins with our love for each other.

 We’re looking forward to meeting you.

 Grace and peace,

Pastor : Rev. Dr. Amy Steele

Pastor: Rev. Ryan Sanford

When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment is, his answer formed the foundation of all Christian doctrine - Love God with all your heart and soul and mind.  He then took this a step further - Love your neighbor as yourself.  He told those asking him that these two commandments summarized all the law and all the teachings of the prophets (Matthew 22: 37-40).

Rarely a week goes by where I don’t talk about this teaching of Christ.  Why? Because we’re not always very good at following it, and I need to hear it more than anyone.  Cornerstone UMC is a diverse group of people who are trying to learn to live out these commandments of Christ.  We are not always successful, but we are learning to love more like Christ.  It is my hope that we as a church never stop moving in that direction.

My hope for you is that you can experience the love of Christ in your life.  If you don’t have a church home, I invite you to join us at Cornerstone.  We would be blessed to have you.  Our worship service combines both traditional as well as modern aspects to accommodate all preferences.  If you want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.  I would love to get to know you better.